Integrated evaluation of commercial potential and
clinical development options for life science projects

Welcome to the clinvaluate website. Irrespective whether you are a VC, a big Pharma company or a small Biotech, strategic decision making in the healthcare industry typically comes down to a few key questions:

If you are thinking about investing into a project or company, or if you
are in the process of portfolio planning or evaluating in- or out-licensing opportunities, you will want to base your decision on trusted evidence.

Our services are designed to deliver integrated insights to these questions by a combined evaluation of the commercial potential and the clinical development options for products in the healthcare industry.


Two Perspectives

Commercial expertise is needed to understand the opportunity in the market place, in face of current unmet needs, competitive activities and future trends.
Clinical development expertise is needed to outline a development program to achieve approval, acceptance in the medical community, and payer coverage.
For a comprehensive evaluation, you may want to have you project analyzed from both perspectives at the
same time.

Meet the Team

Services to Your Needs

Our goal is to quickly and reliably give you what you need. If this is a cross-check of available assumptions, a gap analysis or an in depth full- size evaluation starting with the development of a target product profile
– together in a transparent process we will ensure
that your get exactly what you want. Whatever service
you request, we take care that the findings are
clearly summarized with all key insights being well-
documented in a comprehensive evaluation report.

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Your Advantages

The clinvaluate market and drug development experts will closely cooperate to show you what can be achieved. Based on insights from expert opinion, trusted secondary sources and experience metrics we will deliver an integrated analysis of your project - without unsolved contradictions between the commercial potential and the development program required. “Better insights”, “a professional and timely analysis”, “high quality results” - is what our customers say.

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